Roxbury Action Program on BNN Radio

Roxbury Action Program’s President Mr. Malcolm Wynn appeared on BNN Media WBCA 109.2FM radio with host, Haywood Fennell, Sr. (Veteran, Author/Playwright) on Mr. Fennel’s show, “The Other Page Radio”.   Mr. Wynn talked about plans to put together a team of community-based individuals and organizations to build programs that deal with health and wealth building. He stated “Times have changed and Roxbury Action Program has changed.”  Our Board of Directors is in agreement with this plan to build a community of inclusion with community economic development. Mr.Wynn continued, “Roxbury Action Program is in a position to change the paradigm for the community and we are obligated to build the bridges that will connect the community”.

Mr. Wynn is a long time “community giver” and is well known and respected for his being a community leader. In his role as coach, he brought National honors to Roxbury Community College when his team won.

Listen to the complete interview here:

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